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A little about Zac 

I have been a keen and competitive sports person all my life, with various sporting backgrounds behind me, I can relate to many walks of life. I played and competed in a variety of sports at county and national level, I achieved a number of accolades during this time. Through injury I found the gym, and a love for weightlifting in general, I felt it helped me change and grow not only physically but mentally. From there on I continued my love for the gym ever growing and I competed in my 1st bodybuilding show in 2011 from here I have gone on to win and place at multiple shows, gain sponsorships and represent brands at expos such as bodypower UK. Team Lionheart was started back in late 2015 one of the biggest reasons I wanted to do what I do now is to help people achieve the goals they desire , I have had so many setbacks in life and I know what it feels like to be so close , but yet so far! I can now offer the guidance and knowledge to help develop other people, whilst gaining the satisfaction of helping and pushing people to reach their goals. Here at Lionheart we aim to create a supportive group for everyone to keep morale and motivation at an all-time high.

Recently i've wanted to grow and outreach so i have hired multiple coaches now with similar but different specialities and backgrounds, all designed to help you and make you progress towards your dreams , and goals . 

"Want to be more than you are?

Join our pride and grow together"