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"Want to be more than you are? Join our pride and grow together"

Jack Richardson

Senior Strategist

This year I have exceeded greatly beyond my own expectations, I have achieved considerably more than anticipated. Why? Because I had the coaching and support from zac. Not only that, he saw a potential I didn't know I had, and exposed it.

Originally I just wanted to participate in a prep for experience, zac had other plans. He said if I wanted to I could be at national standard. Not even a year later, he made me a world class athlete. I owe my success to Lionheart.

I look forward to many years of a potentially successful career fulfilling my dream as a bodybuilder, in the incredibly supportive team that is Lionheart'

Paul Yarwood

"With my 40th birthday looming. I had 2 goals: to place higher in the UKUP Midlands championships than i did the previous year (i placed 4th) and to be in the best shape of my life for my photo shoot with Matt Marsh. I sought out Zac Leason for a number of reasons. I'd met him a few times & liked him,found him easy to talk to and get along with, i knew all about his bodybuilding & his achievements, and that he gets results. The guidance, help and support i received from Zac is second to none, we smashed my goals this year with a 2nd place finish at the UKUP Midlands Championships, and earned an invite to the British finals!!! My photos with Matt Marsh speak for themselves. Without Zac i'd never have achieved these results, my biggest regret is not working with him sooner. Not only is Zac a great coach, but hes created an excellent support network with the Team Lionheart Members, they are always there giving out positive vibes and words of encouragement"

Zoe Bradley

Zoe Bradley

"So after the loss of my son last year i let not only my weight but my health deteriorate. By time i contacted Zac i was the Largest and unhealthiest i had been. After a good chat with Zac about what i wanted to achieve we put a plan into action. Within 3 months i'd lost 3 stone and was the best id looked in years. I was also the healthiest, not only in my body but my mind too. I set new goals and manages to complete the scorpion run in memory of my son. This in itself was a massive achievement. Joining Zac's team was the best thing I did. He not only knows his stuff but he listens and pushes you to the very best you can be. Thank you so much Zac"

Tia Campbell 

 "Now I wasn't fat, but let just say I enjoyed my food. My clothes were tighter than normal and I had no balance between work and home life, things were pretty much out of control. So I quit my job where we had fast food everyday for lunch 😂 and I put my foot down and spoke to my good friend Zac Leason and asked for his assistance in getting from chunky to funky. And he did exactly that, he asked me my goals he asked me dislikes and he didn't even laugh at my potato shape 😂. Introduced me to an absolutely legendary bunch of people who will give you so much support its unreal! Basically if you need they extra push, support, a friend but a professional coach too then he is your man! Thankyou so much for getting me back on track and rekindling me with my love for weight training and showing me that I CAN build muscle"

Rus Ridge 

 I officially started with Zac in January 2017 with a view to competing in Junior Bodybuilding with UKBFF in August. I'd had coaches before and competed before but was initially already impressed with Zac's response times. Zac's plans were thorough, we spoke about our plans and expectations from the year and due to me not having any bodybuilding/fitness/personal training qualifications there were a lot of things I was intrigued to learn about and therefore asked questions - which always Zac answered efficiently and in depth. Zac was always brutally honest with my check in photos (which you need when competing), made necessary changes to my diets, posing and training routines which I have learnt a great amount from. This support and help has continued past my shows which ended in October and I am planning my 2018 off season with him, and the support and guidance he helped me through prep with has continued.

On my show days for the year, August 20th and October 15th. Zac was awake at 5am and 6am respectively for me to send him check in photos of how I looked show day morning with thorough instructions to keep me calm, well informed and focused on the show. He regularly checked with me hour by hour if everything was going to plan etc which I believe was priceless and a major factor of how we peaked so well for both shows.

Natasha Tams 

"I was coached by Zac during my prep for Miss Galaxy Universe competition held on 21st May 2016. He helped me especially with my diet as I am an extremely fussy eater and I managed to hit the stage at 56kg (down from 63kg at the beginning of prep) with weekly check-ins to manipulate the diet and fitness plan when needed. After the competition, he still helped me on my diet to help prevent a rebound. His guidance also helped me become stronger and more toned for the stage as my competition also had a strength side to it and also helped to focus on my weaker areas. As a busy mum of two, Zac still helped me work out the best times and routines to fit around my lifestyle."

Aaron Audley 

"If you want to change, challenge yourself or reach a goal...look no further!

Team lionheart is for you! Constant support, great meal & training plans to help you achieve!

I've been with Zac since the start of 2016 and I am so proud to be part of his team! This transformation picture is my 9 month progression with hard gym sessions, prepping meals and determination but if you trust the process, believe me it works and you will feel 10x better about yourself! Looking forward to what next year will bring for me an the team, and Zac's words are what keep you motivated to keep pushing for the goals been set.

Lionheart all the way!"

Alex Woods

I worked with Zac with the view to transform my physique and be competitive on the Junior Men’s Physique stage. Since I first started working with him we had a plan and each plan was specific to me and allowed me to really progress my training and eating. We started prep for the qualifier and the goal was to win. Zacs support throughout the prep was honest and very specific which is just what I needed to keep me on track throughout the process. We brought a great package to the qualifier at the ZKK Classic and took first place taking me to the British Finals where we took a top 6 placing and an Invite to the Arnold Classic in 2018. Zacs support since working with him has been second to none and I would recommend him as a coach to anyone who wants to transform their physique.

Zoe Greene 

When I was in my teens to before I had my 1st child I had very bad issues with food which lead me to

be 6st after chrildren an non stop eating and snacking all this lead me to be 13.3 stone my biggest

ever !!

I bit the bullet and went to zac for help ..that’s the hard part I had been playing with the gym

For a few months any way bit not really sure what I was doing

I had my first food plan and gym plan I was ready to go and I loved it it was a real ease from the

stresses of work and my general life situations

At first it was hard and to a just to food preparation ect was educational for us as a family

I hit target on my first check in and then I was hooked all together in 18 months I’ve dropped down

to 10.5 st

It’s my release I have bipolar and mentally this is my medicine the team are amazing and always

there 247

Zac has been amazing gone through all plans and anything I’m insure of (that’s alot most of the time


His patience and persistance is a gift he’s a wizard thank u zac for helping me 

Jess Clutterbuck

"The development I made to my physique with my Lionheart personalised plan was incredible. Personally i found the online coaching through the dieting and training process a huge help. Zac is very knowledgeable & goes above and beyond for clients in regards to making sure you are happy with your plan, and encouraging you through the process of your fitness journey. Highly recommended."

Lucy Anjuna

Having entered my first amateur bikini competitions in 2015, I joined Team Lionheart in 2016 to take my fitness levels and physique to the next level. With Zac's guidance, my approach to diet and lifting took a whole new approach; enough calories to grow and the introduction of a structured off-season training plan focusing on balancing out my weak areas, completely transformed my figure, enabling me to compete in a variety of federations such as NAC UK, IBFA and the PCA, with an improved package. I even achieved my first international invite to Mr & Ms Universe in Hamburg!

As a competitive athlete, you need support; not just from friends and family but also from a coach and teammates who believe in you. When you have the backing of a team like this, you'll go far. I can't thank Zac and the whole Lionheart family for their continued support and warmth. I've made some friends for life and took away memories I'll never forget."

Richard Beard 

"I signed up with team lionheart after being recommended by a friend just over 2 months ago. Currently trying to build lean mass during off season to put me in better shape to potentially compete in men's physique next year. Even in the first 2 months i'm happy with the progress of bringing up my weak areas and even adding in stronger areas whilst staying pretty lean. The contact and support from Zac, Alex and the Lionheart members is second to none. Have already recommended other friends"

Marcus Townsend

"I can wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is interested and passionate about fitness to sign up with Lionheart coaching. The passion, thoughtfulness and breadth of knowledge that is on offer is second to none. Whether you are struggling to get started, hit a plateau or really wanting a challenge, Lionheart coaching is an excellent choice.

Zac is phenomenal at understanding who his clients are and what they are hoping to achieve. He listens. In an industry dominated by copy and paste plans and get fit quick schemes, its refreshing to work with someone who cares about your progression as much as you are!

Make no mistake: Zac strives for results and continually checks in with you to see how you are coping and if there is any way to help. You never feel unsupported or lost and he is adaptable with all kinds of lifestyles, ailments and even fussy eaters (Guilty!).

Highest recommendation!"

Tom Greatrix

"Having Zac as my coach has changed my life completely. I no longer think about what I have to eat or train each day. The progress I've made over three months is second to none and I couldn't have achieved any of it without his constant support or guidance. Lionheart coaching gives 100% to their clients and nothing less!"

Chris Lesse

Senior Strategist

I did a 8 week programme with Zach which consisted of diet and training plan and also had 24hr help if needed, during the 8 weeks I noticed a real change in my body fat and I became more muscular. I wouldn't of been able to reach my goal without the help of Zach he really knows his stuff. I would definitely recommend Team lionheart. Big thanks mate for your help.

Jack Errington

Senior Strategist

"When I worked with Zac for my diet and training plan it was literally only a matter of days before I started noticing changes in my body , and my attitude toward the gym and more importantly my diet , there's no template to his diet plans or training schedules either which a lot of PT's use , every time

I spoke to the guy I felt like I'd gained a years worth of knowledge!"

Rebecca Palmer 

The support and reassurance zac offered was fantastic. Zac was consistently patient and understanding, taking time to listen to my personal history and goals before tailoring my plan in a way that suited me perfectly. He was always there to answer and questions and praise even the smallest of achievements which encouraged me to believe in myself more! Huge thanks for your support Zac

Melissa Brian 

Going back last year, September '16 I just found out the reason for my aunt's death, which was back in August. Reason was undiagnosed angina leading to heart attack. She was 37. My aunt was one of quite a few members of family that passed due to heart problems at an early age. Thinking back to her funeral when I found out, her children being same age as mine. It broke my heart and I couldn't do that to my children. So It was a wake up call for myself and my husband! He wouldn't make it another decade himself!! We quit the fags and he quit the beer, that was half the journey.

Not long after my hubby joined with Zac and to be honest, I thought it was silly! didn't think it would help. He soon was loosing the pounds whilst my diet yoyo'd up and down. He stuck to one diet, he stuck to his routine. I just free styled thinking, I'm still doing stuff! I got told different things .. it was really hard and frustrating. So finally I listen to my other half (for a change) and contacted Alex and I was wary, but that's because my mentality wasn't it's normal self! She was lovely 🙂 We met face to face at the Bodypower expo which inspired me on so many levels and I just felt comfortable and trusting. Which is a big deal when your suffering depression!

2 months in nearly, I'm eating better! I love the meal plans, I eat more and I'm satisfied and fuller. The meals are at a good cost...having 3 kids it was a concern of mine. The workout routine is amazing, I feel the benefits, I set challenges and it's not boring! I know what I am doing. I know Alex is there for me too 🙂 I'm still working on confidence, I hope to include myself with the lionheart activities but seeing them all is inspiring and it makes me proud to be part of something like that.

I've lost a stone so far and people notice the difference! I even fit in a size 10!! I owe a lot to team lionheart, not just to Alex but to Zac aswell! I'm my heart he has saved my husband, from his health physically and mentally.

Charlene Maria

The boss man him self isn’t just my coach he is a good friend to! I’m truly lucky to have him in my life as both. I decided I wanted to compete for the first time in the first timers show for the PCA on March 31st 2019 last year, so we made a plan, I got my plans and the hard work had to happen and truly started. All you need to know, if your looking to just change your daily routine into better eating, or a plan to get fit, or you have those massive dreams of becoming a body builder, Mr Leason (Team Lionheart) is your person. He will support you like know other, he will push you to your limits, he is always there for you, he is always at the end of the phone. But the most important thing, you have to have that fire burning inside you to want all the changes to happen. The guy is amazing, but to get what you want to achieve you have to work as a team. Team Lionheart is a great team! The support from Lionheart is like no other! 🦁❤️

Ollie Swadkin  

I worked with Zac for my competition prep and within the 10 weeks prior to my show managed to not only transform my body but remoulded my mindset. To this day I have yet to change my thought process and outlook not just on training but life choices. He took me to stage stood by me showed me the ropes and put me in the top 2 on stage there are very few coaches with the knowledge, will power and determination to push you daily. Always happy to pick up the phone and will get every last rep out of you in the gym. Zac has elevated himself within his industry offering the best support with diet that include real food and meals and training styles to suit all, I can’t fault him and when I get back on stage in the near future there isn’t a question on who’s taking me to the number 1 spot. Team Lionheart is a family and one I will always want to be part of.

Haydon Woodcock  

I am 100% confident that Zac has no clue the respect and admiration I actually have for him. I remember watching my first competition, and knowing instantly that this is what I want to do, but with no clue whatsoever how to get there.

Well Zac opened up that world for me, and 9 weeks following first meeting the big lad, I was on stage. In total we’ve done 4 shows together including placing 2nd at national level, learned A LOT and had experiences I will NEVER forget.

If you want to gain muscle, loose fat, tone up or get on stage yourself, look no further. Love you always Brother.

James Littlehales  

I have been with Zach (Big C) for over 2 years now and I have to say it's one of the best decisions I have ever made. When I started I was used to avoiding carbs, low food and never really weight trained as such. We worked together to establish a plan, changed my mindset, habits and routine to fit. In July 2019 I stepped on stage and took 2nd place in the Pure Elite Transformation Category. 12 stone down and I am still learning every day the love for this guy is unreal and will never change 🦁🏆🥈


Candi Martin 

Ive been with Zac now for 3 years. I had a pretty decent upper body, and was training hard before I met him, but Zac has taught me so much about myself, both physically and mentally, my mind set around training has changed completely. I train alot smarter, with much better results, and eat a much more varied diet. ( also ALOT more food in general 😃😃😃)

I can still remember the day I asked zac if he thought I could compete, and the belief and faith he showed me that day, and every day since has had a massive impact on my own self belief. Over the 3 years zac has become a close friend, and has also helped me through some difficult personal times. Thoughout that friendship we have also maintained a very good client / coach relationship, in which he has not only helped me progress aesthetically, but also has my overall physical health as a priority, as well as my mental health. I’m still learning new things every day, and the attention to detail this guy has still amazes me!! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last three years, and had so many highs, and know there are so many more to come!! thx big man, much love! 💪🦁❤️

Sarah Eaton

I’ve always dabbled in the gym over the years but following my divorce I wanted a new focus and undergo a complete body composition change. I’d re-discovered my love for weights but struggled with many aspects going it alone. Zac came highly recommended and 2 yrs later we’ve been through every emotion going 😂 he just tells me what to do and I go off and do it and he gave me the structure, support and expertise I needed! Every angle is covered with Team Lionheart whether it’s lifestyle (where I started) to competing (where I’m going!) Zac is so easy to talk to and is always there on the end of the phone and his support and help has got me where I am today. He’ll be the man to put me on stage 2021!