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Zac Leason

Personal trainer/bodybuilding Coach and nutritionist 

Zac "Lionheart" Leason is here to help you achieve any goal you desire , here at lionheart we are dedicated to providing the best plans and support possible for you to reach your desired target , we do not believe that one plan suits all and have variety of methods we can use , with a range of knowledge and experience of different sports behind us. All plans are tailored to the individual to ensure the client can execute the plan efficiently. Our coaches have the ability to offer plans for people of all levels from complete beginners to competitive athletes, we have the knowledge and experience to help you fulfil any dream you may have.

LEVEL 2 personal training REPS

LEVEL 3 personal training REPS
Level 4 personal training and development 

IFBB advanced bodybuilding coaching

IFBB advanced Nutrition 

Mike Ellis 

Personal trainer ,  S&C coach  , biomechanics specialist & Nutritionist 

Mike has always had some involvement within Performance between Coaching, Instructing Sport around the World and now at an individual basis in Person and Online. With Experience at Strength & Conditioning alongside extensive work within Biomechanics, Physiological Systems within the Body and Nutrition he works to understand everything there is, inside and out.

He has been within Performance levels during his Youth and also been within the Strength and Aesthetic side of Training through preparing for a Photo-shoot himself.

NASM Level 2&3 Personal Training

NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

NASM Conditioning Specialisation

Clean Health Strength Qualification 1&2

Level 4 Strength & Conditioning