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FAQ’S ---- Frequently Asked Questions

What type of clients do you typically work with?

I work with all types of people so you will feel welcomed into the team no matter what , I have clients from different sporting back grounds, along with those who wish to get back into shape after having a family, and I also have clients short term who just wish to look good for a holiday or an upcoming special event.

Clients are always interested in fat loss, muscle gain, improved fitness, improved health, self-confidence, self-esteem, rehabilitation, improved strength, if you feel you want to make this lifestyle change then Team Lionheart is the one for you.

What exactly is “Online training” ?

Online training is a where you can have the benefits of having extra knowledge and bespoke training and meal plans catered for you! By checking-inn with your online coach and having the support there 24/7 you can always ask questions or advise is always on hand.

Do I need a consultation?

There is no in person consultation but to be a client you must fill in a consultation form this will contain multiple health, dietary and fitness questions to allow me to construct your personal plan . I am asked constantly to be seen in person for consultations so if this is needed then there will be a £10 fee to cover time , and the location will be my current gym, either way the form will still have to be filled out to go ahead. 

Which program would be best for me?

 If you are still unsure of which package to choose one thing to help narrow it down is the frequency of check-ins. As an example monthly check-ins or for people who are happy to crack on but still want to be accountable and have guidance work well , if you feel you need more hands on approach weekly is more for you.  All packages are tailored to your goal  it is really choosing  which plan will be able to suit how you need to be  coached.

How often do I have contact with you?

I am always available via email/whatsapp. I aim to reply asap and will respond quickly to all questions . Varying on the plan chosen will determine how often you check-in we offer monthly and weekly options. Online check-in will consist of photos , weight , measurements if required, Including the chekcin in template issued and from here we can discuss how to move forward.

Does my online plan include personal training?

Online clients do not receive any personal training included.

Is your service expensive?

No, my service is highly affordable and has good value for money! There is multiple options that will also cater to your budget. 

If I purchase a subscription product am I in a contract?

You are for the first 3 months of the term if you pick a subscription, after this time you are free to cancel at any time you wish on the other hand after the 3 month initial period you have the option to stay on as part of the team on a rolling contract month by month. The initial agreement will always be 3 months in a subscription.


Please be aware that statutory cancellation rights are restricted by law for certain categories of goods and services e.g. personalised or made to measure goods and/or services are excluded from your statutory cancellation rights. Each plan prepared is individual and bespoke to meet your goals and as such fall outside of your statutory cancellation rights. Due to this no refunds will be given under standard circumstances. Once upon agreeing into the mutual contract and returning the welcome pack you agree to the minimum contract length of your chosen plan. In the event that you wish to cancel your plan and or postpone the start date, please contact Zac Leason to discuss your requirements and we will endeavour to meet your individual requirements.