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Monthly Subscriptions 

Monthly subscription contracts for Online Coaching/Body Transformations

(minimum terms apply of 3 months (12 weeks) ):

Premium Package  

Weekly check-in’s provide constant support including diet and training plans they also provide rolling stability and updates along your journey, be it to be a healthier person, lose or gain weight or even to train for a specific type of event. Weekly check-ins create a much greater sense of accountability, helping keep you focused towards the goal. Online coaching offers constant support and communication throughout the period of time we work together, from helping with cravings, overcoming injuries, or increasing motivation overall taking that step closer to the end goal. This will be the more detailed plan which will include more information and contact in order to extensively progress. All plans are written to the specific needs of the individual.

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Standard Package 

Bi-weekly check-in's where we assess all the targets set once every two weeks, this is for the people who choose a little less contact but still wish to be held accountable, and pushed towards their end goal. Bi-weekly Online coaching still offers constant support but just with less frequent check-ins and updates but still solid communication throughout the period of time we work together, from helping with cravings, overcoming injuries, or increasing motivation overall taking that step closer to the end goal. All plans are written to the specific needs of the individual.

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Competition Prep 

If you’re already looking at this package you came here for a reason and that’s to be the best version of yourself you have ever been and to do it while on stage! At Lionheart we have countless show wins and placements at national and international level both with male and female athletes. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to compete at your first show or your 10th.

Working with me I want to create a strong bond and a base we can really build from, my expectations are high and yours should be too , everything will be detailed as the show approaches communication will need to be 100% from yourself to allow me to really fine tune and micro manage any situations that may occur to ensure we have the best results possible come show day .

Will include all updates with:

Training plans

Individual diet plans

Supplement plans

Physique Analysis

Posing tweaks/suggestions (Still recommended that lessons are taken)

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Hybrid Package

Weekly online coaching & two or four x 1-2-1 personal training sessions 

This package is a hybrid of weekly online coaching which will include check-ins , diet, training , supplement plans and support as well as two or four 1-2-1 personal training sessions , no matter what the goal this package is suitable for anyone .

2 sessions - £170

4 sessions - £225

*subject to location 

(minimum terms apply of 3 months)

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Life Coaching With Sami 

Welcome to the world of life coaching.

So you’ve heard of the term ‘life coaching’ but what exactly is it?

A life coach is someone who can advise you to improve your life, help you find happiness and change your lifestyle for the better. Also known as lifestyle gurus & wellness professionals, a life coach will aim to help & guide you to make, meet & exceed personal & professional goals.


Your life coach is also your accountability coach. Although a life coach is not a therapist, they do not focus on the past, only the future. Your future. You have someone there to help with your set goals, you have to communicate to your life coach, this will enable you to reach your goals. They will keep you accountable for your actions. They are here to guide you, not to do the work for you

What makes Sam different from other life coaches.

Not only is Sam a life coach, she is an anxiety management specialist. Sam has had a couple of hard times in her life, she is living proof that her way of thinking, & coaching, works. Sam knows how it feels to be stuck in a rut, not being happy & not feeling like there is any way out. There is no hurdle that you cannot jump with Sam's help.

If you are successful in most aspects of your life, you could find yourself at a crossroad in other parts. There may be something small missing from your life, Sam can help you find this. 

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Dexa Scan - Through Affiliates

DEXA scans determine body composition by passing low-radiation x-ray beams through tissues, with the varying energy absorption allowing the practitioner to determine both tissue type and quantity. DEXA scans are the gold standard method for the measurement of bone density and are used for diagnoses of bone conditions in clinical and sports settings. Despite the potential for individual error, DEXA appears to be a valid measure when comparing mean results against the criterion four-compartment method (fat mass, total body water, bone mineral mass, residual mass).


*Will be required to travel to venue

Personal Training 

1-2-1 in gym sessions (subject to location)

Individual 60 minute sessions

These are individual 60 minute slots with payment made upfront  (will be NON-Refundable)   £35

Block of 4 sessions 

This is a block booking of 4 sessions at discounted price.  (All sessions must be used within 5 weeks and are NON-Refundable ) £130

Block of 10 sessions 

This is a block booking of 10 sessions  at discounted price. (All sessions must be booked and used within a 10 week period and are NON-Refundable) £300

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*Please note that all prices displayed are starting prices. Prices vary on coach and experience required to reach your goal. Please contact for more information.