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Sponsors & Affiliates

These are my personal sponsors and companies that choose to work with Team Lionheart 

Strom Nutrition 

Strom is ran by Richard Foster , who has created a fantastic independent shop and brand using clinically dosed ingredients making some of the best supplements for body builders and sports athletes alike , I am hugely proud to call my self a Strom Athlete and am delighted to be working with such a great team

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The Gym Chef 

TheGymChef was founded in 2015 by Gurpal Virdee, who developed his unique seasoning recipes to help with his own fitness goals. He shared his seasoning blends with friends at the gym and soon the word spread i was more then delighted when Gurpal asked me to be part of this new movement and brighting up my meals .

Inspiring you to create healthy dishes and fulfil a healthy lifestyle. Using our macro friendly seasoning range let's start enjoying cooking again and let The Gym Chef help you make quick, tasty and nutritious meals.

Use my code : ChefLionheart15 for discount at the checkout 

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Old School Jims Bodybuilding & Fitness 

Paul Yarwood and myself have managed to source an Old school building for our very first Old school gym, we have a vision to house all types of fitness under one roof , where everyone is welcome,  I call this my home and this will be my base for my team and clients  whether you are a beginner, seasoned bodybuilder, crossfit athlete , powerlifter or a pro athlete  or play any sort of sport as a hobby your progress will never stall with the amount of equipment  and space this gym has , we will always look to expand and create a better atmosphere and environment.

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Nutri-star Distribution

Nutri-star is a fantastic protein distribution company, with contacts all over the world and can happily secure any brand you need. contact them with any queries about products, shop owners included for stocking brands.

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