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Lionheart Accomplishments 

Team Lionhearts Competitive team:

2016 - achieved 6 x 1st places, 8 x 2nd places, 1 x 3rd place , 2 x 4th places and 1 x 6th place -Including 4  International invites which brought up 2 x 2nd places at world championships, 1 x  6th place at a Universe.

2017 - achieved 3 x 1st places, 6 x 3rd places , 1 x 4th place  1 x 5th place

3rd place britain and 6th place britain 

including 2 Arnold Classic invites  (shows in 2018)* 

1st place british title and a 2nd place in world teen bodybuilding  

As well as competitive bodybuilding my team has also completed a number of runs such as tough mudder , scorpion run , wolf run and also some various half marathons, a lot of these runs were for charity purposes but none the less , great personal achievements!!